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Our executives are at your disposal for help and information on any tax issue, giving you reliable and personalized advice. We will deal with the tax implications of your activities and support you, saving you time and additional costs. We are always by your side with absolute efficacy, consistency and confidentiality.

Tax Returns

  • Tax Return Form submission to tax offices
  • Electronic submission of tax returns
  • Tax assessment statements
  • Management of your tax office affairs, such as additional statements for previous years
  • E9 real property statements and updating to reflect asset changes
  • Rental Income Declaration E2 (for those receiving rents)
  • Personalized advice for documentation and assets so as to avoid additional taxes
  • Calculation of ETAK (single real property charge)
  • Property market value calculation
  • Inheritance tax returns
  • Household staff employment

Labor Issues

  • Review of your salary according to the current labor union agreement for your sector and specialty, taking into account all your entitled benefits
  • Advice on dismissals and relevant compensations
  • Advice on every specific labor issue that may concern you, such as issues of schedule changes, time off, overtime, maternity and childbirth leave, special labor rights, digital working cards, etc.

Land Registry

  • Registration payment, land registration, application and all supporting documents submission at the Land Registry Office
  • Juxtaposition of your assets in national land registry and in E9 Tax Form in order to correctly record your real estate assets in both institutions

General Services

  • Private agreements of any kind
  • Parental Donations, Donations of any kind and Inheritances
  • Imputed Income advice to avoid high taxation
  • Leasing matters
  • Any other service related to tax office affairs and obligations, such as debt arrangements and settlements, legal issues etc.

Chiotis Consulting

  • Financial & Consulting Services
  • Budget Compilation & Control
  • Tax Declarations and Financial Statements
  • Accounting Organization Digitalization & Supervision
  • Payroll Services, Labor & Insurance Issues Management
  • Tax Debts Settlement
  • Business Plans and Company Formation
  • Viability & Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Management and Risk Management
  • Financial & Diagnostic Audits
  • Reorganization & Performance Improvement
  • Conversions, Mergers, Acquisitions
  • Participation for NSRF and other Development Programs
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